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Grade 10 Persuasive Arguments

Building confidence is a big part of education. As an IB World School, we follow the Learner Profile at KIS International School, Bangkok. One attribute of the Learner Profile is being a risk-taker. This helps students to work outside of their comfort zone to discover new things, find new answers and be able to think outside of the box. KIS promotes action and exhibition from the Early Years all the way up to Grade 12. This helps students to use the knowledge that they've gained in a productive way. Instead of keeping what they know inside, they are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with others. Through repetition, making speeches in front of groups large and small, gets easier and easier with time. This was Grade 10's project on making persuasive arguments, and this was the first time they got up to present their ideas. Well done to all of them!


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