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KIS students graduate at the end of Grade 12 with an IB Diploma and/or a KIS High School Diploma with IB Certificates. The IB Diploma, as well as the certificates, are well respected, recognized, and often preferred by universities around the world, including in the US, the UK, Australia, Europe and Thailand. This offers students the best opportunity to go to their first choice university. Credits towards the first year of college (in the US) are often given to IB Diploma holders.


The IB Diploma was the first of the IB Programmes to be developed. It was created in 1968 in Switzerland as a pre-university curriculum with standard examinations for internationally mobile families at (then mostly) international schools. The IB works closely with universities around the world to promote recognition for the IB Diploma. Throughout the world, the IB Diploma is accepted as a university entrance qualification. Many universities prefer IB students because they are internationally-minded, have well-developed skills such as research skills, communication skills, and time management skills, they display a positive attitude to learning and to others, and they have in-depth knowledge. Universities also appreciate that the IB Diploma from any IB school in any country holds the same value, as the IB exams are moderated by the IB, not by each individual school.
"Research shows that IB Diploma students attend university and complete their university courses more often than non-IB students."   Announced by the IBO
For more information on university recognition, visit the IBO website.

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