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Student-led initiatives create pathways to university acceptance, scholarship opportunities, and beyond

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Recently, a panel of KIS International School students wowed the audience with their poise and tenacity. They discussed ways they’ve taken their unique interests to the next level to become community changemakers and leaders. 


Each day, educators have the unique opportunity of helping students uncover their passions and explore their interests on a deeper level. Many teachers say these moments are the best part of their job. At KIS, we don’t want to keep all these student achievements to ourselves. The panel is a platform for our community to hear of students’ tremendous accomplishments as they carve out new opportunities with grit and creativity. And let’s be honest. A panel of students is way more fun than a panel of grownups.


One of the panelists is Sanya Wadhwani who from an early age, had a love for science and helping others. By Grade 9, she set her sights on medical school and made a plan for getting there. Sanya wanted to ensure she had the skills and knowledge to make her university application stand apart.  


With a little encouragement from the KIS university counselor, Sanya started a medical club when she was only 14 years old. The club is designed for students interested in medical careers who want to build skills and experiences through activities, trips, and internships.  Not only has the club become popular, but it has also helped Sanya earn a scholarship for a summer medical program at Cambridge University in July 2022.  


Sanya’s ambitions don’t stop with medical school. In addition to her academic pursuits, Sanya also started Bloom Club, an organization committed to advocating, fundraising, and educating the community about female menstruation inequity.  



Hear more of Sanya’s story, along with other KIS students, and see how their teachers and experiences have impacted their lives. With the right support, a spark of passion can go a long way at KIS. 

KIS Student Panel


As one of only 3 full IB schools in Bangkok, KIS International School offers an innovative and inspiring community for families. With well-rounded students and IB scores well above the global average, KIS is immensely proud of the resilience, determination, and compassion that our diverse students exemplify. KIS International School is a Candidate School* for the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). Beginning in August 2022, KIS will offer this innovative experiential-based IB curriculum, giving students yet another challenging course of study for grades 11 and 12. 


Enrollment is currently open. Visit us at or contact to find out more.



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