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Beccy Fox, New Director For Teaching and Learning at KIS International School

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This month our Bangkok Faces feature introduces Beccy Fox the New Director for teaching and learning at KIS International School


What is Your Nationality and Background?
I was born in Essex, England, and have been in international education since 1998 when I started my adventure at the International School Seychelles. Since then I have taught in Malaysia, and then Head of School in Indonesia, and in Hong Kong. I am married to an Indonesian and that has fast-tracked my interest in cultural differences and how they affect our daily lives in international schools. 


What is your current role?
My current role is Director for Teaching and Learning at KIS International School. I’m responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and developing curriculum from Early Years all the way up to Grade 12 to ensure that our teaching and assessment practices meet the highest of standards and that it’s delivered effectively. My responsibilities go beyond the students as well. KIS is a “Learning School” for the entire community. It’s important that teachers are supported by the latest educational research and pedagogy and that parents are equipped with tools and resources to connect learning between school and home.  

My role is a brand new position to KIS and is part of the school’s 5-year strategic plan. This initiative continues our commitment to provide the very best teaching and learning for students, expand facilities that support learning, and further our scope of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. It’s a very exciting time for KIS and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it.

What are the key skills and responsibilities of this role?
Being responsible for curriculum development for the entire school requires an umbrella perspective. I have Play-Doh conversations with Early Years teachers and then quantum physics conversations with Grade 12 science teachers. My job is to see the big picture and make sure all teaching moments are aligned so our students are equipped and prepared for every step of their school journey. A “through” school like ours (ages 3-19) is a massive jigsaw puzzle. As a former Head Of School, I really know how all those pieces fit together.


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