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Academic Results


Academic Results at KIS


KIS is proud to share a considerable increase in our average IB score to 37 points for the 2021 cohort. With a world average score of 33 our graduating class has achieved spectacular marks in this unprecedented year. Additionally, this year marked a 100% pass rate for our students. What an achievement!


Our graduates received 174 offers from 89 universities in 10 countries around the world.  A full list of the universities that our students were accepted to can be found here


KIS is particularly excited to share the success of our five students who received offers from Hong Kong University (HKUST). Four of these students received 42+ points, entitling them to a full scholarship in their first year, with the possibility of being renewed. The fifth student who received 41 points is awarded a 50% discount in tuition with the possibility of being renewed. 


More than one third of our graduating class (34%) received a score of 40 or above, and three of our students achieved 44 points. Twenty-three (23%) percent of KIS students received IB Bilingual Diplomas in Mandarin, Serian and Thai.


Beyond all metrics, we are immensely proud of the resilience, determination and compassion that our diverse and internationally minded students have exemplified. We can’t wait to see how our KIS graduates will continue to impact and inspire those around them.


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!





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